Fundraising Ideas for Local Schools


Schools can consider fundraising as a solution to obtain funds for trips and better facilities. There are numerous fundraising ideas that can involve students, neighbours, parents as well as the teaching faculty. Particular fundraising methods may suit junior or senior students. Regardless of the age difference of students, you can still organize fundraising ideas that involve all the students.

Fairs & sales

One way to raise money for your school is through fairs and sales. It is the easiest way to raise money by selling things. Some selling ideas include bake sale, car boot sale, clothes swap, tabletop sale, jumble sale and record sale. You can ask for junk donation and turn it into cash. You should not spend too much on items you want to sell. You can make selling a fun experience by building up self confidence and speaking skills.


Organize various competitions that can involve as many people as possible. Competition ideas include cake eating, fashion show, talent show, chess tournament, dancing contests, singing contests, beauty show, and table tennis rally and computer games. A competitive edge among participants can increase the chances of a successful fundraiser. Since competitors are aware of being recognized at the end of the competitions, they can perform well to receive the prizes.


Organize and motivate people to participate in walkathons. They are low intensity activities and non-competitive. A walkathon is a great idea if you want to mobilize participants from a wide range of economic backgrounds and ages. Even elderly individuals in the community can take part in the activity.


Your family, friends and co-workers can sponsor you in fundraising activities. These activities include fasting, running, head shave, swimming or record breaking attempt.

Teachers, neighbours and parents can sponsor you to keep quiet. It could be for an hour or a day. Fasting can involve giving up something you would really miss such as your mobile phone, snacks and TV. You can also be sponsored to walk or eat. Fundraising events Schools can choose from an array of events to raise funds. You have a choice of day or night events. Karaoke evening, open mic night, rock concert, club night and sleep over are some night events. Day events can include play performance, raffle, art exhibition, church bazaar, barbecue and scavenger hunts. Intriguing ideas such as battle of the bands, murder mystery, snail race, wine tasting, and doggy day may get a lot of signups.

Fundraising services

Offer services for money. The services can include babysitting, dog washing, dog walking, window cleaning, face painting and lawn mowing. You can approach your friends and family and offer to do these simple tasks for them. This is a good way for them to help with the fundraiser and have their tasks done cheaply.


Some ideas may work better than other depending on location. Therefore, you may want to identify the best ideas for an effective and successful school fundraiser. Moreover, the purpose of your fundraiser and the number of parents in your school can determine the best ideas to work with.