Previous Fundraising Success Stories


Fundraising can be quite challenging but with the right approach you can actually surpass your campaign target. In the past years, many people have organised unique fundraising events and campaigns that have been very successful. The trick is to know what would work best in your unique situation and fundraising needs. Below are examples of previous fundraising success stories.

Peak District Bike Ride

The Diabetes UK organised a bike ride challenge, 50miles in the countryside, in September 2012. The bike challenge was a fundraising idea to get funds for Diabetes research on the cause and treatment of the diabetes condition. Many of those who were affected with Diabetes directly or indirectly attended. Even those who were not affected but wanted to experience the thrill of biking on the never-ending hills, in support for the cause, availed themselves. The bike challenge participants totalled to 117, with each participant donating for the cause, the campaign's target of £10000 was well surpassed. Diabetes UK was sure able to live up to their slogan of care, connect and campaign. Similar fundraising events have been organised by the organisation with similar success. The Big Bike Ride of 1/7/2012 is an example of previous successes of such events.

Crowd funding

In January 2013, Michelle Carr raised more than £9000 in less than 25 days. She is a photographer who felt moved by the untold stories of the plight of the urban refugees in Kenya, East Africa. She was determined to go take photos and give voice to the underprivileged refugees but did not have the financial resources to do it. In January, she discovered the online platform of fundraising called crowd funding. Crowd funding is an online innovation that enables funders and the fundraisers to meet in an online platform offered by websites like the The fundraisers have an opportunity to start a campaign and the funders donate funds for the causes they believe in. The idea is to evoke the feelings of the funders so that they can connect with the project you want to promote. Here Michelle started a campaign, downloaded a video of what she wanted to do and how she intends to achieve her goal. The audience was touched with her story and in less than 25 years she had surpassed the £9000 target.

Wine Tasting Fundraising

In 2008 Lisa Krueger was able to raise more than £2000 in just one evening. Lisa organised a wine tasting event which was aimed at raising funds for a marathon in honour friend who was diagnosed Lymphoma. She sent out invitations for a wine tasting session at her house to friends and acquaintances informing them of her cause. She wanted to explore the value of an intimate gathering of friends. Rather than go ask for money outright she sent out invitations thanking all the people for their support during the tough moment. She was surprised at the great turnout and the donations from all that came to the wine tasting session. Even those who could not make to attend the event gave their financial contributions through friends.

There are many ways to fundraise successfully. You just have to find a technique that will draw people into giving. People are always willing to give monetary support for a good cause; you only need to know how to give them a little push.